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Our Story

 Studies have shown that diseases have a smell and that dogs can detect it

We have developed a novel, patent-protected, process which offers higher reproducibility and productivity whilst ensuring high welfare standards for the dogs.


We have two granted patents in Europe and Israel for “ system for detecting materials" and “Apparatus and method for dog training”.

The Apparatus patent was recently granted in the US.



Our Benfits


A simple breath test.

 Non-invasive method

No needles, pain or discomfort


Cheaper than existing tests with comparable or better sensitivity/specificity.


Results are obtained in seconds. Over 100 samples are tested in 1 hour by each dog.


Computerised testing data can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Analysed data is saved securely in the cloud.


 Dogs are working simultaneously in a dog-friendly facility.

One system can test more than 500,000 samples per year.

The environment is modular and carefully controlled.

Dogs and breath sample vials do not come into contact – no contamination.


The system enhances the dog’s ability to detect the disease. The system is highly accurate and repeatable. The system measures and alerts if the effectiveness of the dog starts to reduce due to fatigue or illness.


The method can detect a wide range of diseases, earlier than most current diagnostic tests. The system is extremely versatile, flexible and easily adaptable to diagnose different diseases. The technique is suitable for all age groups.