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Early stage, mass screening, a cancer-detecting tool at an affordable price.


We have harnessed and enhanced dogs' proven ability to detect cancer and combined it with an innovative electronic and robotic system and turned it into a reproducible, high volume solution that offers the first low- cost, a non-invasive screening test for various types of the disease.

Our vision - to become the first choice for the annual check-up for screening cancer 



We developed a five-step solution in which all a person needs to do is obtain our kit, breath into a tube, seal it and send it to our lab


Blow into

a tube

The kit is sent to our lab

Sample loaded into the system

Sample being tested by the dog

Results analyzed

Why Dog? 


300 million

Dogs possess up to 300 million smell receptors in their noses, compared to about 6 million in humans.


The part of the dog's brain devoted to analyzing smells is 40 times greater than humans

2 Swimming pool

A dog can smell a spoonful of sugar in a 2 Olympic-sized swimming pools

A Proven fact

Dogs ability to sniff and detect cancer was already proven by trials and research done by universities throughout the world, with amazing accuracy.

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